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During a Bible Study class, the Leader asked that we take one story from the book of Matthew and write a short story. I was immediately excited, and dove right in. Writing is something I have loved to do since I was a child, yet I never seemed to make enough time for it. My class leader enjoyed my little scene, shared it with a mentor of his, and the two of them have encouraged me to keep going, to take the Gospel of Matthew and create a novel. A year later, a novel has taken shape! While I am neck deep in edits, plans are being laid for publishing. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

Sometimes, I need to step back from the grit of editing and refresh myself with some fun side writing. I thought I would continue on in the same way I began. I will create bite-sized stories drawn from the pages of the Bible - a scene, a moment in time, a flash of color and sound and emotion - to draw the reader into the classic stories, to pull them back to the Bible to experience once again the powe…

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